MX desktop & panel settings lost when reusing /home

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  • MX-14


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Additional Information: 

Installing MX-14 onto a system with /home on a separate partition or drive and selecting the same login name as an existing account (re-using the name) causes loss of all MX theme and panel customisations. On first run, the user is asked if they want an empty or default panel.
I have gone to great lengths to test and verify this, even to the point of ensuring all config folders and files that match those in MX-14's /etc/skel are removed from the old login account before installing and still get the same result. Furthermore, I removed everything but the users Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music and Videos folders and I still get the same result, a basic desktop with no MX theme or customisations and 2 panels. I have confirmed this by repeating this same process on 3 entirely different machines, each one with a totally different version of Linux than the first and each time, I backed up the users config and killed everything but the data folders. This happens only when re-using a login name, not when using a different login name while saving /home.
I have tried with Beta2 and the final CD, and both via Live-USB, plus my own remastered version, all exhibit the same issue and I always check the md5sums to make sure I have a good download and good media first.