MX Videos

Videos below were produced by members of the MX community.

Introducing MX - 14!
 MX-14 "Symbiosis" - Here's what you Get!
 MX - Installing MX-14
Customizing the Whisker Menu
Customizing the Desktop
Migrating From Windows XP - Part I Create Installation Media
Migrating From Windows XP - Part II Partitioning and Dual Boot Install
Check out the metapackage-installer - Install Netflix-Desktop in One-click!
MX 14 Dual Screen
 MX-14 - liveUSB with Persistence - put a system in your pocket!
 Enable thumbnail images in Thunar
Installing Skype
Install & Configure VirtualBox
MX Apps
Create a Samba Share with the Samba Server Configuration Tool
Create Samba Shares via Manual Method
MX-14 with KDE Showcase and Tutorial screencast
Chromium FLash
Install PulseAudio Sound Server (dolphin_oracle)