MX-14: Samba

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Samba is a cross-platform network file sharing protocol for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Connecting to Shares

See the explanation of how to use Thunar to connect.

Network Printing

Samba on MX-14 allows printing via the network to shared printers on other computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices offering Samba services.

Using the MX-14 Printing Utility to Set Up Printers

Using the MX-14 Printers (CUPS) Utility to Set Up Printers

Creating Shares

On MX, Samba can also be used to create Shares for other computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) to access. Creating Public Shares is fairly straightforward, but keep in mind that creating Samba Shares is a complex area from a configuration perspective. For example, the task creating Shares that are specific to individual users and are authenticated properly is beyond the scope of this help. Comprehensive reference guides can be found at Using Samba and

Basic method

Click Start menu > System > Samba to bring up the Samba Server Configuration tool. Click on the plus sign icon to add a share; details available by clicking on the Help icon. A good video on this is available here.

Manual method

If for some reason you need or want to create shares manually, you will need to follow the following steps. A helpful video on the topic is available here.