MX-14: Customization

Note: RC=right click
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Xfce 4.10 makes it very easy to change basic function and look of a user's configuration.

General look

The overall appearance can be customized by in the Settings Manager.

MORE: Xfce4 docs: Appearance.


MORE: Xfce4 docs: Panel.


The default desktop (AKA wallpaper, background) can be changed in various ways. Watch the useful video on the topic.

You can display almost any kind of information on the desktop by using Conky

MORE: Deluxe Conky Theme Pack.


By default, MX-14 uses the keyboard layout that matches the user's language choice. You can easily add another keyboard.

Menu ("Whisker")

MX-14 comes by default with the Whisker Menu, though a classic menu can be easily installed by RC Panel > Panel > Add New Items > Applications Menu. Whisker Menu is highly customizable. There is a useful video on the topic.

Menu entries can be edited with a native Xfce application.

Login greeter

For modifications of the login greeter, see this guide.


The bootloader (GRUB) menu of an installed MX-14 can be modified with three very handy graphical tools, all in Start menu > System.