MX-14: QuickStart

Note: RC=right click
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See also the MX video collection for step-by-step help.


MX-14 has been developed as a midweight OS whose size is restricted to 700 MB in order to fit on a CD. This limit constrained the quantity and choice of default applications; for instance, MX 14.3 lacks the package OpenJDK, the Java-runtime browser plugin for web use. Users can easily install that—as well as additional items from language packs to browsers—with a single click using the MX Package Installer, where it is found under Misc as "Java." Note that you may need to reboot for it to take effect.

These Help documents can be accessed at any time by clicking Start menu > System > Help as well as through the Support tab on the MX Forum. Questions, suggestions, offers of help etc. should be posted in the MX Documentation thread.


The default desktop of MX-14 has a single vertical panel on the left side of the screen. Default panel elements from top to bottom:

To change the default Panel, see Customization.

Tips & Tricks

Some handy things to know at the beginning:


Applications can be started in a couple of ways.

System info and management

System information

System management

Video and audio


For more general help, consult these resources.