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At the moment, the snapshot app works fine with existing kernel.
If user installs another kernel, snapshot iso will probably fail to boot.

-- New mx-snapshot is able to deal with new kernels.




Is the kernel hard-coded into the tool? If yes, can uname -r be substituted to keep the tool flexible somehow?

It is the live-initrd that is


It is the live-initrd that is hard coded into the snapshot app. otherwise it won't boot (as you found in very early testing). Part of the problem is that modules needed for booting kernels differ from whether they are incuded in the kernel or included as modules. An example, the kernel changed from beta1-beta2 and that causes lots of users to be unable to boot from cd/dvd.

This can be fixed somewhere down the line.

Is this only for major bumps

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Is this only for major bumps (like 3.11 to 3.12)? I've changed antix kernels in the past without any issue (on the antix side anyway).

No, it seems to pretty random


No, it seems to be pretty random - eg the changes in kernel from beta1 to beta2 were tiny, (not even enough to change the version), but it still caused initrd booting issues with some cd/dvd roms (and it seems the issue that some users have reposrted re device naming of usb devices as sda)